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Artgroove works together with various artists in the fields of dance, music, photography or visuals and creates unique live performances somewhere between Portishead, Björk & Igorrr.


Julie and Me


Creation of a new Version of „Ebb & Flow“

„The collaboration with Artgroove came from Julie and Me’s wish for a challenge. The meeting of two artists, brains and genres – automatically throws you into a highly creative „trial and error“ process that can unlock unexplored potential whether existing songs like „Ebb & Flow“ are given a new musical shape or are being tried out lyrically and melodically on electronic beats – everything serves this curiosity for something new.“

Mohamed Moodimbi

Live Performance

for „Ebb & Flow“

„I’m Mohamed Ben Salah AKA (Moodimbi) emerging urban contemporary dancer with high motivation in developing my artistic skills. At the moment I study at the HOCHSCHULE FÜR MUSIK UND TANZ in cologne. Besides my studies I also perform with other artists and choreographers from the contemporary dance field. Recently I am a dancer in the company „THE ORDINARY DANCE THEATRE“ by Lisa Freudenthal.
My dance skills are based on urban dance (Breakdance,Hip Hop,Popping) as well as contemporary skills such as contact improvisation and physical theatre.“

Infinite Space


Emelyn Blanco


Forgotten Reflections feat. Emelyn Blanco